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About Washougal Washington

The Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge


Small Town Charm, Big City Convenience

Fifty years ago, Washougal was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speck on the map. Today, the town boasts modern conveniences and an established business section that new residents covet. Washougal hasn’t sacrificed its small-town appeal to get here. These assets, along with easy highway access and proximity to the Portland Airport, make Washougal an ideal bedroom community for Vancouver and Portland alike.


Many Newer Homes

Washougal has grown dramatically over the past ten years, which means there are plenty of newer neighborhoods and housing developments to choose from. Whether you are starting small in the Sunset Ridge neighborhood on the city’s east side or enjoying a stunning view of the Columbia River from your million-dollar house on Lookout Ridge, there are homes in Washougal to accommodate your lifestyle and budget.


Close to the Columbia

The mighty Columbia River is a dominant presence for every Washougal resident. The town’s proximity to this important waterway makes it easy for residents to enjoy recreational boating and fishing. The city also maintains three waterfront parks that allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful natural views while connecting to the area’s rich history.


The Gorgeous Gorge

Washougal sits at the entrance to the world-famous Columbia River Gorge, which offers unmatched natural beauty. As a result, city residents love easy access to the hiking trails and sightseeing adventures this unique area provides. Just head east on Highway 14, and within minutes, you’ll be transported to another world.

Meet Our Washougal Home Inspector!

Owner and lead inspector Geoffrey Bennett, CMI, brings more than a decade of home inspection experience to his work. Undergirded by a solid background as a licensed general contractor, Geoffrey has also remodeled and repaired homes throughout Western Washington including Washougal. Geoffrey has lived and worked in Vancouver, WA for over twenty years. You will benefit from his professional demeanor, his thorough investigation process, and clear, detailed reports. Geoffrey is known for his friendly, patient style. He welcomes questions and is happy for clients to accompany him as he inspects. His main goal is to provide an accurate, unbiased, and exceptional home inspection every time he meets a new client.


Leverage the Power of a Thorough Home Inspection

More Negotiation Power for Repair Costs

A thorough and detailed home inspection in Washougal, WA will give you more power as a buyer. The real estate market of late has been extremely seller-friendly.  Having a detailed report will allow you and your agent to have more leverage to ask for repairs or a credit. Having hard evidence will allow you and sellers to reach a reasonable solution and avoid overpaying for a house with immediate costly repair needs.

Be Mindful of Upcoming Home-Related Expenses

An experienced and detail-oriented home inspector will pay close attention to important elements of your home: the furnace, electrical system, roof, water heaters, the approximate age of the furnace, and other elements in your home. With rising home improvement costs and inflation, it’s always good to be prepared for upcoming maintenance and upgrade expenses.  


Spot Costly Problems Before You Finalize Your Purchase

Our residential inspectors are specially trained and certified to be the best in the industry.  Everything might look good during your walk-through with your realtor. But it’s better to have an inspector to check all aspects of your home. Our inspectors can see signs that others might miss: moisture, mold, leaks, foundation concerns, and unsafe structural concerns like rotting. These are not easy nor cheap fixes, and that’s why we recommend hiring a home inspector.  


Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Home Maintenance

Our inspectors are knowledgeable and considerate. Not only will we point out the problems in the home, but we also make sure to explain our recommendation. For homeowners who like to take on their own improvement projects, this will be quite helpful. For homeowners who would rather hire a contractor to do the work, then it’s good to know the correct approach to fix the problems. This way, you can ensure that you hire the right contractor.  

Take Calculated Risks and Say No to Money Pits

For most of us, buying a home will be one of the biggest investments we make in a lifetime. With any investment, there are risks involved. That’s why it’s important to do your due diligence up front before committing.

By hiring the right inspector, you can minimize risks by identifying costly repairs like electrical, plumbing issues, or structural defects. Let us help you avoid money pits that will cost tens and thousands of your hard-earned money.  Contact us today to schedule a home inspection in Washougal, WA.


What Our Clients Say

Wow! The level of expertise and knowledge of these inspectors was of the highest quality. Their thorough inspection was timely and then an immediate follow-up verbal report that’s understandable and complete. If all service businesses were run as this, we would have much more trust and satisfaction.

Adrianna Glover

Washougal Home Inspection Tips

Common Washougal Home Inspection Questions 

What Does a Comprehensive Home Inspection Include when buying a home in Washougal?

Our comprehensive inspections include most interior and exterior parts of your home and surrounding property, including the structure, exterior, site, roof, insulation, and ventilation, along with your home’s major systems. Sewer scopes and radon and water testing are add-on services. They are optional but highly recommended in this area. 

Should You Order a Home Inspection for Newer Construction?

New homes don’t have the same wear and tear issues as older homes, but that doesn’t mean they’re problem-free. A home inspection for new construction serves as an essential check to ensure your building contractors follow code and deliver the best quality home possible. 

Are You Buying a Washougal Home that’s Located in a Rural Area?

Many Washougal homes sit in rural areas and aren’t connected to city services like water and sewer. They may also be more prone to pest infestations and dry rot. A high-quality home inspection will identify these problems before you decide to make a purchase.

Water Quality and Private Well Water Testing in Washougal Homes?

If your home isn’t connected to city water, it’s important to test your water quality. Groundwater contamination can infiltrate private wells making the water unsafe to drink. Our water quality testing can identify these problems so you can take corrective action.

Are Pest and Dry Rot Inspections Necessary When Buying a Home?

Pest infestations and dry rot eat away at the wood in your home and undermine the structure’s stability. These problems eventually require expensive repairs to return the property to its original health and safety. It is important to schedule a pest and dry rot inspection when buying a home.


What Our Clients Say

Geoff was a pleasure to work with. He was recommended to us by our realtor. Geoff is incredibly responsive which made coordinating our home inspection seamless. On the day of the inspection, he was prompt, explaining the entire inspection process upon arrival. He efficiently conducted the inspection, finding issues we would never have seen ourselves. Geoff then provided a professional detailed report in less than 24 hours. He has our highest recommendation – we will absolutely refer friends, family and colleagues.”

Aaron Sanders

Recommended Inspection Services

Home Inspections Provide Peace-of-Mind for Your Major Purchases

Home Inspections

Buying a home is a big decision. Having a thorough and accurate home inspection report allows you to make a well-educated decision and provides you with more negotiating power. At Bennett Home Inspections, we evaluate the various aspects and systems of the home. When we discover issues, we clearly describe the situation and recommend a solution.


Want to make sure the contractor or the seller has done what they promised? Bennett Home Inspections will re-inspect homes to verify that items have been corrected as specified by your contingency agreement. You will receive a second inspection report with updates on the corrected issues. Talk to us today to order a re-inspection.

Sewer Scope

Did you know homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sewer lines that connect their homes to the city sewer system? Get a professional opinion on the state of your sewer line or drain line by a certified sewer scope inspector in Washougal, WA. It is crucial because it helps you avoid any large plumbing bill once you move in. Getting a sewer scope inspection with us will provide peace of mind!

Water Quality

Water is life! It’s scary to think that your private well water sources and city water can be tainted. Even plumbing distribution and fixtures inside a home can affect water quality. At Bennett Home Inspection, we take you and your family’s health safety seriously. It’s important to know for sure if your water has been contaminated. Talk to us today and get started with water quality testing!

Pest and Dryrot

We detect wood destroying organisms (WDOs) and the conditions where they thrive. We discover if insects are inhabiting or destroying the structure. We identify moisture-related problems that lead to mold, fungi, and wet rot. We are licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a structural pest inspection firm. Our inspectors are individually licensed as structural pest inspectors.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. It’s a dangerous health hazard but not hard to test for and mitigate. Depending on where you live in Oregon & Washington, Radon testing might be smart and necessary. Let’s make sure your Radon exposure doesn’t exceed the EPA’s safety recommendation.

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