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My husband and I are first time home buyers, and had a fantastic experience with Jeff at Bennett Home Inspections in Vancouver, WA!! He was extremely thorough, kind, and informative. His customer service is outstanding – he stayed for as long as we needed to answer any questions we had and you can really tell he loves his job with how thoughtful he was throughout the whole process. He provided great advice that has helped us in feeling safe with our choice in our future home. He even showed us how to use a new feature of the windows we wouldn’t not have otherwise realized on our own.

If that’s not enough to convince you, we requested the inspection on Sunday during Mother’s Day weekend and he was there to inspect by 1pm on Tuesday and even showed up early. When we arrived he was already hard at work and stopped to say hello and walk us through his process step by step so we knew what he’d be inspecting and when so that we felt more comfortable.

We were provided a 100 page inspection report the very next day via email, along with a ton of photos of all areas of the home that were inspected with his recommendations. He allowed us to audibly record him for personal (unofficial) reference and offered to answer any follow-up questions once the report had been sent out.

I have heard many stories from friends and family about how negative their experiences were with their inspections, whether it was wait time, poor quality of service, or lack of bedside manners and I’m so thankful that our experience was far from that.

I HIGHLY recommend you choose Jeff at Bennett Home Inspections when purchasing your first or next home. 11/10 all around. Thank you!!

– Abigail Patrick

Geoff was wonderful! As a first time home buyer and as someone who has never gone through an inspection process I cant imagine a better experience. Geoff went above and beyond answering all of my questions and explaining everything. He was incredibly thorough, even helped me understand some other water features the house had like the pond and sprinkler system that he didnt have to. His final report was sent to me much less than 24 hours after our time at the house, and was incredibly detailed with pictures and suggestions. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an inspection!

– n huddle

We’re in the process of buying our first home, and we contracted with Geoff to do the inspection. I must say, he exceeded all expectations for us first-timers and truly helped put us at ease that we were making an informed decision to buy our house. Geoff was incredibly detail-oriented and took the time to answer all our questions and provide context when needed. He walked us through his entire process up front and where he’d be spending his time, which was much appreciated. And, he encouraged us stay for the whole time if we had questions along the way, or come back for a recap conversation after his inspection was done. It was wholly a welcoming experience, and we couldn’t be happier in choosing Geoff to be a part of our first home-buying experience. On top of that, his official report that we received the following morning included tons of pictures with reference points on what was suitable and what needed our attention, either for safety concerns or general maintenance. It was clear and will be an easy record for us to follow after we move in and begin making repairs. Thanks for your expertise, Geoff!

– Chris Thomas

We are first time home-buyers and have been really apprehensive about the whole process! It’s just all so much! Having Geoff as our home inspector made such a huge impact on our overall feeling that this may actually all work out. He was thorough, kind, and is clearly an expert in his field. I am a woman of many questions and curiosities and he took all my inquiries in stride, and was able to explain things to me in a way that I felt I really understood. If you’re looking for someone who you can trust and that will put your mind at ease, Geoff is your man!!

– Sierra W.

Very thorough job inspecting. Very personable and always willing to answer your questions without judgement. As a new home buyer sometimes I felt my questions were naïve/ill-advised but he always reassured me and answered my questions which gave me confidence in making an informed decision. Highly Recommended.

– Amanda Morgan

I was in the process of purchasing my first house. I had 10 days to do an inspection. I literally had called 11 different companies/inspectors to set up an appointment for an home inspection and all had been booked out, I was at the point that I didn’t care if the inspector had decent reviews or not. My last call was to Geoffrey Bennett at Bennett Home Inspections. He was booked up as well but we talked for quite a while on the phone and he was telling me how to find certified inspectors. He called back twenty minutes later and said he would arrange to do an inspection for me. This was the absolute best thing. Not only was it less expensive then any one else I had called but he spent 4.5hrs going over every thing from the smallest stuff to the big stuff. He explained how things should be done correctly and who I should call to have fix things. I received a very detailed report of everything he went over with me, and what to keep an eye on and what type of contractors to call for work on things. I would absolutely recommend this inspector for home purchasing inspections.

– Ella D.

These guys were great. I had a lot of concerns being a first time home buyer and they made it extremely easy. They are very helpful and thorough.

– Alex Richey

I am in the Real Estate industry and have worked with many inspectors. Working with Geoff was truly a pleasure and goes above and beyond any other inspector I’ve ever met (or heard of).

We are currently in the process of buying our first home and Geoff’s services are fair, honest, and extremely comprehensive.

He was extremely thorough, and walked us through every repair. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and his professionalism is unparalleled. Would highly recommend working with Geoff-don’t waste your time speaking with anyone else!

– Amy T.

​​I’m a first time home buyer and felt daunted by the whole inspection process but Geoff made it easy and painless. He got into every little nook of the house and could explain to us in simple terms what needed to be done and how to do it. He takes his job seriously and it shows!! Highly recommended. This guy gets it DONE!

– Natasha C.

This review took me too long to write – but I have used our Home Inspection report about half a billion times in the 7 months since we bought our first home. Not only did his knowledgeable insights help us make a decision about how to best proceed on our home-ownership journey – but it’s served as a guide to newbies as to what we need to tackle going forward!

There’s no mystery with the report – he spells everything out in black and white, with pictures to go along with it. I felt completely capable of making a big scary decision with the information he so thoughtfully provided. Super friendly and amazingly professional, Geoff completely wowed us with his knowledge and willingness to explain situations and scenarios. Also, he let our fascinated 6-year-old watch his process (and said he was fine to do so, despite me trying to keep him contained and with us!)

– Laurie K.

We were extremely happy and impressed with Geoff’s inspection. As first time buyers, we weren’t sure what to expect – Geoff was incredibly professional, thorough, and patient. He walked us through the process step by step, and recapped everything he found before he left. The report included tons of photos, and a video of the sewer scope. I can’t recommend Geoff highly enough.

– Dan Stubblefield

I can not say enough good things about our experience with Bennett Home Inspections. Geoff was punctual and extremely thorough. We are first time home buyers and Geoff was able to explain the whole process and his report to us in a way that we really understood and felt comfortable with.

– Amber Ray

Geoff was extremely professional, courteous, and thorough with his inspection. As a first time home buyer I was not sure what to expect, but Geoff went above and beyond my expectations and helped me feel at ease during this process. His explanations were easy to understand and provided an in-depth and comprehensive inspection report as well as a summary that included pictures, which I found to be very convenient. He offered repair recommendations, as well as things to keep an eye on in the future. After the inspection, he took the time to talk about and show pictures of everything he observed and provided the inspection report within hours of completing the inspection. I am more than happy I arranged an inspection with Bennet Home Inspections and would recommend him to anyone in the SW WA area.

– Nathan Lowry

As a first time homebuyer l was a little out of my element. But he was quick to explain any questions I had and walk me through the entire inspection step by step. He arrived on time was very polite and professional and a overall great person to work with 10/10 would use again.

– keevin brooks

Thorough work by Geoff and he paid detailed attention to notes I had made of some concerns ahead of time. I am a first time home buyer felt it was a trusted experience with Geoff.

– Julia Mortlock

Geoff called me right after my inspection (I wasn’t able to attend it) and went over the list of items prior to even sending me the report, I’ll say for me to have peace of mind and I appreciated it! This is my first home, and I’m doing it alone, so I was nervous on what to expect. His report was very thorough and easy to read, he was professional, kind, and easy to talk to. I would use him again and absolutely recommend the company!

– Michelle R.

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