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About Camas Washington

Established. Great Schools. Convenient.

Downtown Camas  

Camas has a well-preserved downtown that hosts many locally-owned small businesses. In the past couple of years, Downtown Camas has attracted many new chefs and restaurant owners. Now you will find restaurants that offer many different types of cuisines. Many local breweries and wineries also opened up pubs in downtown Camas that offer fresh PNW beer on tap and the famous wine that PNW is known for! For more information and to schedule a home inspection in Camas, WA, give us a call at 360-635-1791.

Camas Neighborhoods

Most Homes in Camas, WA are built on a series of hills. Certain neighborhoods in Camas are known to have great views of mountains, lakes, or rivers. Camas schools are one of the biggest reasons many families choose to relocate here. In the last five years, many new homes have been built, and Camas is definitely considered one of the hottest areas in the real estate world.

Gateway to the Gorge

Camas is the perfect home base for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. The city sits on the threshold of the Columbia River Gorge, which is one of the most remarkable natural areas in the world. Hikers, birdwatchers, and trail runners alike can follow the mighty Columbia east as they explore dozens of trails along the Oregon and Washington sides of the river. And with iconic Mt. Hood less than two hours away, skiers and snowboarders will appreciate Camas’ proximity to year-round winter sports.

Blend of Old & New

Camas has a blend of old homes that are built before the 1950s. Large corporations have moved their headquarters to Camas and have since attracted many builders to develop new neighborhoods. Driving around Camas, you will see many new neighborhoods have popped up next to older homes.

Multi-Level Homes

Most homes in Camas are built on hills. In order to take advantage of the beautiful Mt. Hood and Columbia River views, you will find most homes are multi-leveled throughout Camas. It’s also very common for homes in Camas to have very large crawl spaces due to the landscape nature of the area.

Rural Homes

Parts of the Camas area that are closer to East Vancouver are very well developed with many amenities. But there are also homes located in rural Camas. Most people are attracted to these homes for acreage and privacy. The further north you go, the more you will see these beautiful and private properties.

Meet Our Camas Home Inspector!

Owner and lead home inspector Geoffrey Bennett, CMI, brings more than a decade of inspection experience to his work. Undergirded by a solid background as a licensed general contractor, Geoffrey has also remodeled and repaired homes throughout Western Washington. Geoffrey has lived and worked in Vancouver, WA for over twenty years. You will benefit from his professional demeanor, his thorough investigation process, and clear, detailed inspection reports. Geoffrey is known for his friendly, patient style. He welcomes questions and is happy for clients to accompany him as he inspects. His main goal is to provide an accurate, unbiased, and exceptional home inspection every time he meets a new client.

Recommended HOME INSPECTION Services

Home Inspection Is a Critical Step in Buying Your Next Home

Home Inspections

Buying a home is a big decision. Having a thorough and accurate home inspection report allows you to make a well-educated decision and provides you with more negotiating power. At Bennett Home Inspections, we evaluate the various aspects and systems of the home. When we discover issues, we clearly describe the situation and recommend a solution.


Want to make sure the contractor or the seller has done what they promised? Bennett Home Inspections will re-inspect homes to verify that items have been corrected as specified by your contingency agreement. You will receive a second home inspection report with updates on the corrected issues. Talk to us today to order a re-inspection.

Sewer Scope

Did you know homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sewer lines that connect their homes to the city sewer system? Get a professional opinion on the state of your sewer line or drain line by a certified sewer scope inspector in Camas, WA. It is crucial because it helps you avoid any large plumbing bills once you move in. Getting a sewer scope inspection with us will provide peace of mind!

Water Quality

Water is life! It’s scary to think that your private well water sources and city water can be tainted. Even plumbing distribution and fixtures inside a home can affect water quality. At Bennett Home Inspection, we take you and your family’s health safety seriously. It’s important to know for sure if your water has been contaminated. Talk to us today and get started with water quality testing!

Pest and Dryrot

We detect wood destroying organisms (WDOs) and the conditions where they thrive. We discover if insects are inhabiting or destroying the structure. We identify moisture-related problems that lead to mold, fungi, and wet rot. We are licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a structural pest inspection firm. Our inspectors are individually licensed as structural pest inspectors.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. It’s a dangerous health hazard but not hard to test for and mitigate. Depending on where you live in Oregon & Washington, Radon testing might be smart and necessary. Let’s make sure your Radon exposure doesn’t exceed the EPA’s safety recommendation.


What Our Clients Say

Geoff does the inspection the way you want to have your home inspected when you’re purchasing a home! Super detail-oriented, efficient, and provides clarity into the things he finds. I couldn’t get Geoff on a previous inspection on an offer that fell through, and had to use a different inspector. Geoff’s inspection was $60 more but 300% better. Bonus: He did thermal imaging on the electrical panel to show possible shorts (I had one). I highly recommend Bennett Home Inspections.”

– Everett Steele


What Kind of Inspections Do You Need?

Homes Built in the Last Two to Three Decades: 

Buying a home built after the 1990s in Camas is fairly straightforward. We do recommend doing a comprehensive home inspection, sewer scope, and radon testing. We also offer re-inspections before closing for peace of mind.

New Construction:

Is the home you purchased a new build and you are wondering if radon testing and sewer scopes are necessary? We get it. Buying new construction in Camas is not a small purchase. We still recommend doing a sewer scope and radon testing to ensure that the builder has done a good job with the sewer line installation and your home is free of toxic radon gas. A small price to pay for peace of mind that your family will be safe and the sewer system will last a long time.

Buying a Camas Home That’s Located in a Rural Area

We have seen some amazing properties in rural Camas. These homes are built on large acreage with great privacy and views. Because of the nature of these homes, you will generally find wells and they will need pest and dry rot inspections.

Water Quality and Private Well Water Testing in Camas Homes

Clean water is critical for keeping your family happy and healthy. However, private well water sources and city water can be tainted. Plumbing distribution, piping, and fixtures inside a home can also affect water quality. Bennett Home Inspections will collect water samples, establish a chain of custody, and deliver them to the lab for testing. Results typically are available in five business days. Contact us to learn more about our water testing services.

Structural Pest Inspection – Pest and Dry Rot 

Our structural pest inspectors in Camas, WA do check for common signs of pest infestations and dry rot during your comprehensive home inspection. If we find any issues that require further investigation, we will make recommendations accordingly so you may request an extension to ensure the home you are buying is free from any major issues.

Reinspections Before Closing Your Home in Camas

When you buy a home with these big elements that may potentially need repairs and major maintenance down the road, it’s always a good idea to do a re-inspection before closing to ensure that the seller has properly repaired all the items agreed upon.



What Our Clients Say

Geoff was incredibly detailed and knowledgeable, his inspection reports definitely reflect this. Even though we’re purchasing a new home, getting a second set of eyes on all the systems and functions of the home is a must. Geoff took the time to go through each photo he took and explained his thoughts on each. Would highly recommend Bennett Home Inspections! The scheduling process was very easy, and pricing was competitive.

– Darius Viregan


Our Camas Clients Have Asked

Do you serve all areas in Camas?

Yes, we serve all areas in Camas.

Is there areas that you pay special attention to when inspecting a Camas home?

Since most Camas homes are built on hills, we pay special attention to the crawl space and the grounds surrounding the homes. We look for slope movement indications in the crawl space. We also check the property for any signs of erosion, earth movements, slipping, and slopping. 

Is there a travel fee for inspecting a home in rural Camas?

No. Camas is well within our travel area. There is no distant trip fee involved in the Camas home inspection. 

Do you go on the roof during your inspection?

Yes. We inspect single-level and multiple-level homes in Camas, Washington. Most homes in Camas are on hills, and it’s important that the roofs are inspected properly.

We get up there to walk the surfaces and inspect the roof components. Occasionally we can’t for safety reasons, but we still evaluate the roof with our drone.

Is Camas known for having radon toxic gas issues?

Based on our experience in Camas home inspections. The closer homes are to the CG bank, the higher chance of it having a toxic radon gas exposure. We highly recommend Radon Testing if you are buying a home in Camas. 

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