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About Battle Ground Washington

Battle Ground Offers Natural Opportunities for Recreation


Comfortable and Convenient

Located between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Coast, this charming area was incorporated as a town in 1951. Battle Ground has a mild climate year-round with lots of parks and recreation opportunities in and around town. Only 18 miles from Vancouver, it also sits within an hour and a half of several ski resorts in the mountains. Although a little rainier than surrounding areas, it has a light snowfall, so Winter conditions will likely not involve heavy-duty snow shoveling or risky driving on snow-laden roads.

A Battle That Never Happened

An 1855 encounter between a company of Washington Volunteers from Fort Vancouver and members of the Klickitat tribe that had fled an internment camp near the fort, resulted in a peaceful outcome between the two parties. Chief Umtuch, the leader of the Klickitat group agreed with Captain Strong of Fort Vancouver that his people would return to the fort the next day, and violence was avoided. Today, two schools in the area are named after the captain and chief. 


A Safe Neighborhood

You’ll be pleased to discover that Battle Ground has a crime rate well below national averages amongst its population of around 21,000 and only 2500 people spread around per square mile. 


Spoiled for Choice with Schools

Battle Ground has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Washington with 16 public schools serving around 10,000 students.



Growing New-Build Area

Battle Ground is a prime location for the growing new build industry springing up all over Washington.


Meet Our Battle Ground Home Inspector!

Owner and lead inspector Geoffrey Bennett, CMI, brings more than a decade of inspection experience to his work. Undergirded by a solid background as a licensed general contractor, Geoffrey has remodeled and repaired homes throughout Western Washington including Salmon Creek. Geoffrey has lived and worked in Vancouver, Wa, for over twenty years. You will benefit from his professional demeanor, his thorough investigation process, and clear, detailed reports. Geoffrey is known for his friendly, patient style. He welcomes questions and is happy for clients to accompany him as he inspects. His main goal is to provide an accurate, unbiased, and exceptional home inspection every time he meets a new client.

Battle Ground Home Inspection FAQ

Trusted Home Inspectors in Battle Ground, WA!

Should you order a home inspection for your new construction in Battle Ground?

While it may seem unnecessary to inspect a brand-new home, our new construction inspections consistently reveal issues that need to be addressed. Sewer scopes and radon testing can provide additional, valuable information to set your mind at ease.

What does our comprehensive home inspection include when we inspect Battle Ground homes?

Our comprehensive home inspections in Battle Ground, WA include most interior and exterior parts of your home and surrounding property, including the structure, exterior, site, roof, insulation and ventilation, along with your home’s major systems. We also offer re-inspection services to ensure your list of fixes is buttoned up before closing. 

Are pest and dry rot inspection necessary when buying a home in Battle Ground, Washington?

Nothing’s more important than ensuring your home’s structure is sound. However, the northwest’s wet weather makes water infiltration a genuine concern for area homeowners. And pest infestations can quickly compromise your home’s stability. If we find any issues, we’ll make recommendations so you can thoroughly investigate problems before you buy.  

How can a home inspector in Battle Ground, WA, help me be mindful of upcoming home-related expenses?

An experienced and detail-oriented home inspector will pay close attention to important elements of your home: the furnace, electrical system, roof, water heaters, the approximate age of the furnace, and other elements in your home. With rising home improvement costs and inflation, it’s always good to be prepared for upcoming maintenance and upgrade expenses. 

What to look out for when buying a Battle Ground home that’s located in a rural area?

We have seen some amazing properties in rural Battle Ground. These homes are built on large acreage with great privacy and views. Because of the nature of these homes, you will generally find wells and they will need pest and dry rot inspections.

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